Home Care Calculator

Your Details

Answer ‘yes’ if you are legally married or in a de facto relationship, even if you live apart for health reasons.

Your contribution to your care costs will vary depending on whether you are living with you partner or are permanently separated for health related reasons.

  • You should answer ‘no’ here if you are permanently living apart from your partner for health related reasons, for example, if your partner is in an aged care home.
  • You should answer ‘yes’ if you and your partner are only temporarily separated, for example, if your partner is visiting relatives interstate.

Your Finances


 You should include

  • Income support payments from the Australian Government such as the age pension or service pension
  • net income from rental property
  • war widow/widower pensions and some disability pensions
  • net income from business, including farms
  • income from superannuation income streams such as annuities and allocated pensions
  • overseas pension income
  • family trust distributions
  • dividends from private company shares.

Do not include interest from your bank accounts or financial investments.


You should include bank, building society and credit union accounts

  • cash
  • term deposits
  • cheque accounts
  • friendly society bonds
  • managed investments
  • listed shares and securities
  • loans and debentures
  • shares in unlisted public companies
  • gold and other bullion
  • gifted assets - if you have gifted amounts above $10,000 in the last year or $30,000 in the last five years, include the amount above these limits as a financial asset.

If you have a partner, enter your combined financial assets.

Do not include your family home.